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Dear Partners,

We are pleased to announce the joint collaboration between EuroMediCom and the Taiwan Dermatological Association (TDA), in organizing the third AMWC Asia taking place on 30 April - 2 May 2021. A partnership between EuroMediCom and TDA allows the organizers of AMWC Asia to bring the best speakers from Taiwan, Asia and around the world to share their knowledge and skills.

Moreover, AMWC Asia is strategically located in Taipei - one of Asia’s most advanced and modern cities, with a thriving aesthetics market. The geographical location allows leverages dynamic growth in both China and Southeast Asia.

AMWC Asia will be based on top-notch scientific content, including live demonstrations and practical knowledge sharing, that will bring together doctors and aesthetic practitioners from all over Taiwan and the region.

AMWC Asia is poised to become one of the best platforms in Asia for medical aesthetics.

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Sales & Exhibitions Manager