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Avoiding Mistakes
in Injectable Fillers

Fang-Wen TSENG - Terrence KEANEY - Joel COHEN
Jonathan KADOUCH - Dalvi M. HUMZAH

Understanding how to avoid mistakes when performing aesthetic procedures is a must for any practitioner. In this session, past practices will be considered as well as how these methods have advanced and evolved when considering how to avoid mistakes. Some of the techniques that will be explored include effective aspiration with fillers to avoid intravascular embolization and how to circumvent filler vascular injury. Our experts will also be carefully considering the case for and against the use of hyaluronidase in complication management.

Injectables 101:
From basic to practical

Ekaterina GUTOP - Chris SUREK - Steven WEINER

This presentation is dedicated to all things injectables, theoretical and practical, featuring two live demonstrations on patients plus a cadaver dissection focusing on midface treatments. You will also be guided through advanced step-by-step profiloplasty injection training, temporal correction using filler and the latest hand rejuvenation techniques.

Emerging injectables:
What’s new in the pipeline?
All about toxins, fillers and stimulating injectables

Nai-Jen HSU - Brian KINNEY - Luiz PEREZ
André BRAZ - Natalia MARKOVA

Get all the intel on emerging injectable treatments, the latest advancements and further updates on the future of injectables from around the world. Our experts will be taking a look at state-of-the-art scientific research, anatomy and its applications to practice. Some of the topics under consideration include agarose vs HA chemistry, combination therapies using fillers and biostimulation, the use of HA with Calcium Hydroxyapatite for facial rejuvenation as well as collagen stimulating fillers to name a few.

Non-surgical lifting / Thread lifts:
The art and science behind

Ting Song LIM - Natalia MARKOVA
Naci CELIK - Nariaki MIYATA

Uncover the artistry of non-surgical thread lifting and the science behind it. Discover what works and how it works in relation to correction of the gluteal area using threads, lifting the face as well as compound thread rhinoplasty. Our experts will also consider when it is best to opt for the surgical face lift, thread lift, or a combination of the two methods for optimal results. The session will close with the opinions of a plastic surgeon consulting on the concept of using EBD’s for the prevention of sagging.

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