How it Works 


  • Complete the online application form
  • Candidates must not submit more than one application within each category
  • Each case will then be presented to the members of the Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy Jury
  • The prizes will be awarded according to the following criteria:
    - Originality, creativity and innovation of the product / treatment
    - Insightful research of the product / treatment that demonstrates its effectiveness and value
    - Accuracy and clarity of the written presentation


Award Criteria 


  • Pay competition fees to enter the competition
  • You may enter any category and compete to multiple trophies
  • Complete and submit the application form online including photos and description of your case
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Participants are responsible for the authorization of use of image.


Product / Device Categories*


  1. Injectables:
    - Dermal fillers
    - Neuromodulators
    - Skin boosters
    - Mesotherapy
    - PRP
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Non-invasive body-shaping technologies
  4. Lasers, Lights and Energy-based devices
  5. Skin-tightening devices
  6. Suspension Threads
  7. Hair beauty (products and devices)
  8. Aesthetic medical devices
  9. Food supplements
  10. At-home beauty devices

*The categories might be modified according to the number of applications




  • The Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy
  • An article in Anti-Age Magazine & Prime Journal