Best Products & Devices

Best Injectable - Skin Booster

TEOSYAL® PURESENSE Redensity 1 beauty booster is an exclusive, patented formulation featuring a mixture of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of 14 essential nutrients already present in the skin*, for complementary effects on skin cell regeneration.

REDENSITY® 1 can be used for the redensification, rehydration and treatment of the skin quality, of the face, neck and décolleté. It exerts specific actions in the dermis:
• Hydration
• Skin restructuration and cell regeneration
• Oxidative stress protection

• Maintains hydration of the curaneous tissue
• Reinforces the dermis and it sextracellular matrix
• Improves skin quality in terms of radiance, elasticity, hydration and texture
• Preventaion of the signs of skin ageing
• Antioxidant protection
• Clinically demonstrated efficacy and safety on the face neck, neckline, and facial wrinkles such as crow's feet lines
• Improved skin roughness in the short-term
• Improved skin quality in terms of hydration, elasticity, texture and radiance
• Prevention of premature skin ageing
• High patient satisfaction

* Essential nutrients composition:
8 amino acids (glycine, lysine, threonine, proline, isoleucine, leucine, valine, arginine)
3 antioxydants (glutathione, N acetyl-L-cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid)
2 minerals (zinc, copper)
1 vitamin: B6

Teosyal Redensity 1
by TEOXANE Laboratories

Best Non-Invasive Body Shaping Technology

EMSCULPT is a medical device used in a non-invasive procedure to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. It is intended for treating abdomen, buttocks, arms and calves. Muscles represent about 35% of the human body weight, but the existing aesthetic treatments only address fat.

introduces the first-of-its-kind application of a unique magnetic field. The HIFEM® (High intensity focused electromagnetic field) technology penetrates through the skin to impact muscle tissues and fat. This is the only technology that builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously, both while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

is intended for everyone who is not satisfied with their body shape/condition - men, women, young, middle-aged or even older patients. It also open up a new potential for candidates who are not suitable for other body shaping procedures, for example heating or freezing technologies. It is also a non-invasive, non-ionizing, non-radiating and non-thermal procedure. Supported by clinical studies, EMSCULPT is in accordance with all safety standards.
by BTL Industries

Best Laser, Lights & Energy-Based Device

LUXEA is the newest complete, modular and continuously expandable system offering greater power for quicker, more effective skin and beauty treatments; enhanced and optimized cooling for greater safety and improved patient comfort as well as improved handpiece ergonomics for greater operator comfort.

offers multi pulse selection, top hat technology and proper pre cooled handpieces for optimal results in Hair Removal, Vascular and Benign Pigmented Lesions, Acne, Skin Resurfacing, Anti-Aging, Wrinkles and Tattoo Removal.

is the ideal solution for clinics seeking for expanding their business.

Best Imaging Device

The 3D LifeViz® Micro is a microstructure skin analysis system. Its high precision is the key to capture, visualize and analyze superior quality, life-like 3D images of small areas below or above the skin surface (lesions, scars, fine wrinkles, acne, ulcers, warts, etc). Standardized pictures are mandatory for documentation and visual tracking. To ensure reproductibility between different captures, the 3D LifeViz® Micro integrates a dual-beam pointer and fixed distance calibration. Move freely and save space in your lab with the 3D LifeViz® Micro's compact, portable and wireless design. The system captures images without any contact on the skin surface ensuring safety and removing any risks of cross contamination.

QuantifiCare has just released the 3D Track® module, an exhaustive toolbox for experts looking for skin surface measurements. Physicians and researchers can obtain consistent and robust results over multiple visits with comparison options. Comparisons are also available between reference surfaces for analysis and comparison of a lesion, acne, and wound healing.

3D Track® is based on our 3D Analysis® technology. With this module, you can analyze straight, curved lines and closing surface measurements. Several data values are available such as volume, depth, area, perimenter, and length. Comparisons are possible between a reference surface and between two dates. Using our alignment tool, comparisons are simplified to ensure a perfect match between 3D models captured at two different times.
3D LifeViz® Micro

Best Cosmetic Product

Intensive care FULGORA 30/50 helps to prevent and improve skin tone imperfections, including hyperpigmentation,associated with photo aging. FULGORA 30/50 advanced formula contains Tranexamic Acid and Hexylresorcinol, it is alsoenriched with antioxidants and hi-tech sunscreen filters which effectively interfere in the melanin synthesis by synergisticeffect.

reduces and prevents skin marks and unifies skin tone by offering a triple indoor and outdoorphotoprotection against UV, IR and HEVis. FULGORA 30/50 brings a chameleon effect to the skin by activating the skin'sphoto-sensory system, adapting it to the different hostile environments the skin is exposed to, contributing in this way toprevent digital-environmental chrono aging and photoaging of the skin.
Fulgora 30/50

Best Skin Tightening Device

ULTHERAPY® is a non-surgical skin lifting procedure that uses tried and true ultrasound energy. ULTHERAPY® harnesses the power of ultrasound to transform the brow, chin, neck and chest. Ultrasound, of course, has been used safely throughout the medical field for more than 50 years—and ULTHERAPY® has been established as safe and effective in clinical studies and in over 1.5 million treatments worldwide.

ULTHERAPY® relies on microfocused ultrasound therapy to deliver its collagen-boosting treatment. It also incorporates traditional ultrasound imaging, which allows practitioners to see the layers of tissue they are treating, ensuring the treatment energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial.
Ulthera® System

Best Tightening Thread & Sutures

Infinite-Thread® is the first suspension thread openly aiming to provide the same result than a surgical facelift, both in termsof effectiveness and sustainability, by repositioning the sagged tissues. This, of course, without the drawbacks of thesurgery meaning without tissue detachment, without unbonding the fixed zones, under local anaesthesia, usually withoedemas (implanted with blunt needle specially manufactured for it) as only postoperative effect and with very short downtime (3 to 8 days). Infinite-Thread is perfectly fitted for the request o the modern patient.

It can treat heavy ptosis but also being preventive on younger patients willing to avoid the future sagging of their fatty tissues.

Infinite-Thread® allows to treat the Valley of tears, the sagging cheekbones, the apparition of the nasolabial fold, theloosening of the jawline, the marionette line but also the aging of the neck. It is also effective to lift up the eyebrows. Infinite-Thread allows to treat those areas while keeping natural features of the patient's face, acting in the anti-gravitydirection and being implanted at the temporal area in order to have a real action on the higher third which is often theforgotten area with other threads.

In addition, the action of Infinite-Thread® will not cease over time since it is a permanent device, which is not hydrolysed by the body. It provides a long-lasting effect for the patient thanks to either with an anchorage in the fascia or, even lessinvasively, with a linear implantation where the 400 cogs of the higher half of the thread will avoid the thread to go down. Moreover, Infinite-Thread® is not lengthening over time thanks to its composition and because it is non elastic, which is aclassical reason for the loss of result after few years. Here it is not the case.

Infinite-Thread® also induces very low fibrotic reaction (0.010mm around solid silicone and 0.015mm around PET) which is ahuge advantage since fibrosis is mainly made of scar tissue (collagen III). As manufacturer of a permanent thread, we madethe choice to rely on a thread with continuous mechanical action rather than on fibrosis which has no utility in thesustainability of the result.

Those bio-materials have also been proved to produce minimal inflammation. Indeed the haematological tests shows noeffect on the following parameters : plasmatic white blood cells count, haemoglobin concentration, total and differentialleukocyte count (eosinophils, granulocytes, lymphocytes and monocytes). The mention of eosinophils is particularlyinteresting because it shows that Infinite-Thread cannot trigger any risk of allergy for the patient. Their neutrality isremarkable.

Infinite-Thread® is also a guaranty of peace of mind for the practitioner and the patient since it is absolutely reversible. Whatwe call absolute reversibility is the possibility to remove the thread without sequelae, in its entirety, without difficulty andeven years after the intervention. A big part of the R&D before its launch on the market has been focused on thischaracteristic which is, in our opinion, mandatory for a permanent device.

Each Infinite-Thread® is exclusively made in France. The quality of this product is systematically verified by our engineersthrough an 8-point control process. The use of tools specifically developed for its manufacture and control ensures a perfectand identical quality to each Infinite-Thread®.
by Thread & Lift