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18th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress

November 5-6-7, 2020 | Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

As we continue to adhere with government advice, the AWMC team are more excited than ever for the opportunity to reconnect with the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging community at AWMC Monaco on 5-6-7 November, 2020.
We understand the necessity to adapt with the developments of COVID-19 and we have introduced essential adjustments to ensure another fantastic edition of AMWC Monaco that focuses on scientific education, networking opportunities and the latest advancements in aesthetic & anti-aging medicine.

Your Safety is our top priority

At AMWC we will be adopting Informa AllSecure guidelines to enhance health and safety standards implementing only the highest standards of hygiene and physical distancing measures. Fundamental changes include staggered admissions and crowd density control which will be facilitated through an increased use of technology for a seamless transition.

Additional measures will be taken at the venue such as the installation of plexi-glass screens where necessary, hand sanitizers stations and infrared thermal imaging temperature screening will be available at all entrances.

These new practices are just a few of the many adjustments we will be implementing, so that you can focus on getting the most out of our scientific program and exhibition whilst remaining safe.

Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS)

We are delighted to partner with AMS as part of our commitment to empower you and be at the forefront of your learning. Having been designed to be as interactive and comprehensive as possible, the AMS platform is the perfect hub to unite the aesthetic and anti-aging community.

Become a member and take advantage of everything it has to offer:
Educational webinars and videos on demand
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AMS Webinars on demand

On-demand Webinars

Combination Therapy of Fillers & Threads for Natural Anatomical Rejuvenation

Dr. Isaac Wong - Dr. Shang-Li Lin - Dr. Nenad Stankovic

Main anatomical basis of aging involves the loss of volume of deep fat pads and the descent of superficial fat pads. Restoring these 2 layers anatomically is the key to natural facial anti-aging and rejuvenation. High lift fillers are great for achieving deep fat pad volumization and support while threads are necessary for superficial fat pad and skin repositioning. This webinar addresses the ways to combine these 2 therapies effectively and safely for the best aesthetic outcome and avoiding the facial overfilled syndrome.
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The New Normal: What to Expect on Reopening Your Practice - the UK Approach - PART II

Prof. Syed Haq - Prof. David Sines - Mr. Eddie Hooker

Prof. Syed Haq moderates this timely discussion between Mr. Eddie Hooker and Prof. David Sines as they respond to how COVID-19 has changed the aesthetics industry, what changes are particularly relevant for the UK, there is a new compliance protocol, what changes regarding practice insurance and best practices in general, and the necessary precautions for the possibility of a second wave.
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Medical Rhinoplasty & How to Prevent Complications

Dr. Hervé Raspaldo - Dr. Raul Banegas

The nose is one of the most dangerous facial areas for filler injections and can lead to serious complications. However, medical rhinoplasty can be extremely effective and simple to perform in experienced hands based on anatomical knowledge following surgical principles, accurate injections, and artistic approach.
In this webinar, Dr. Hervé Raspaldo provides us with essentials on how to perform Eiffel Tower Nose-Lift™ procedure in a logical order to avoid complications and to obtain optimal and reproducible results. Dr. Raul Banegas also presents liquid rhinoplasty for post conventional rhinoplasty as corrections of non-satisfactory surgical results.
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Rejuvenecimiento Peri-orbital Sin Cirugía

Dr. John Martin

Hoy en día hay varios procedimientos que se pueden realizar para rejuvenecer el contorno de los ojos sin necesidad de cirugía. Estos incluyen neurotoxinas, rellenos y rayos láser. Se pueden usar individualmente o en conjunto, para un rejuvenecimiento más completo.
En este webinar, el Dr. Martin presentará dichos procedimientos.
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The New Normal: What to Expect on Reopening Your Practice - the UK Approach - PART I

Dr. Dalvi Humzah - Mr. Simon Ravichandran - Ms. Sharon Bennett

As practices in the UK and around the world are starting to reopen, the atmosphere of uncertainty in every aspect of managing an aesthetics business is a common denominator among many clinic owners and aesthetic physicians.
Join Dr. Dalvi Humzah, Dr. Simon Ravichandran and Ms. Sharon Bennett on a discussion touching the main challenges and queries faced by UK practices as they reopen in July. Some of the points to be discussed:
• Should we expect different flow and demands?
• Should we rethink our staff needs?
• Will there be price war amongst practices?
• Strategies for cosmetics sales / online opportunities
• Logistical issues
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Rejuvenating the Upper Third With Dermal Fillers

Dr. Lee Walker - Dr. Raul Cetto - Dr. Hassan Galadari

The upper third of the face is an area often overlooked by injectors due to its complexity and severity of complications. This webinar explores treatment strategies for the upper third of the face using soft tissue fillers. The session focuses heavily on the pertinent anatomy of the temporal fossa, forehead, glabella and eyebrow. Techniques and product selection are also discussed in detail.
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Tratamientos Naturales en Casa Beneficios y Riesgos & Reingeniería de su Práctica de Estética

Dra. Mariangel Acevedo - Dr. Hildemaro Villasmil

En la primera, la Dra. Mariangel Acevedo explicará los beneficios y riesgos que tienen ciertos ingredientes caseros en sus pacientes, debido al aumento exponencial de "tratamientos naturales" que se realizan los pacientes en casa durante el confinamiento. Además del riesgo de complicaciones de patologías de base como acné e hiperpigmentaciones.
Por su parte, el Dr. Hildemaro Villasmil replanteará los tratamientos que se realizan de forma habitual en la consulta, de una forma más eficaz tomando como ejemplo el tratamiento de la flacidez del 1/3 inferior.
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5 Pasos para la Preparación de la Piel Latina con Tratamiento Láser

Dra. Aura Ruíz

En este webinar, la Dra. Aura Ruíz aborda el proceso de preparación de la piel latina, teniendo en cuenta sus condiciones particulares y los puntos imprescindibles ante un tratamiento láser, para evitar así los posibles efectos secundarios.
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COVID-19 Pandemic: Consensus Guidelines for Preferred Practices in an Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Krishan Mohan Kapoor - Dr. Vandana Chatrath - Dr. Sarah Boxley

This webinar is aimed to provide a set of consensus guidelines for “preferred practices” with sound infection control measures for aesthetic clinics to protect clinic staff and patients from SARS-CoV-2 infection: From patient scheduling, patient evaluation and triaging, and safety precautions about different cosmetic procedures until housekeeping.
These guidelines were prepared by 10 experts in aesthetic medicine from 8 countries: Dr. Krishan Mohan Kapoor, Dr. Vandana Chatrath & Dr. Puneet Kapoor (India), Dr. Sarah Gillian Boxley (Australia), Dr. Iman Nurlin (Sweden), Dr. Philippe Snozzi (Switzerland), Dr. Nestor Demosthenous (UK), Dr. Victoria Belo (Philippines), Dr. Wai Man Chan (Norway) and Dr. Nicole Kanaris (South Africa).
An article titled 'COVID‐19 Pandemic: Consensus Guidelines for Preferred Practices in an Aesthetic Clinic' based on these guidelines has just been published in the prestigious journal Dermatologic Therapy.
The article entitled “COVID-19 Pandemic: Consensus Guidelines for Preferred Practices in an Aesthetic Clinic” is available for download for free of charge here.
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Consecuencias Metabólicas Del Encierro

Dr. Francisco Llano - Dr. Alejandro Coello

El Dr. Francisco Llano y Dr. Alejandro Coello explican los efectos de la alta ingesta calórica que se ha generado por los días de confinamiento y cómo revertir dicha situación, a partir de una alimentación sana y bien pensada.
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Energy Based Device Treatment for Acne

Dr. David Goldberg

A variety of energy based devices have been used to treat acne. However all studies have been subjective and never involved randomized double blind controlled studies. Recently studies have led to new technologies that show a clear cut benefit in treating inflammatory acne. Acne, so common in the population, has become even more of a problem in the current stress filled COVID-19 era. This webinar covers on all the available technologies for treating acne with a focus on exciting new technologies.
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Envejecimiento Corporal y Rejuvenecimiento por el Ejercicio. Una Autopista Anti-aging Llamada Músculo

Dr. Jorge Roig

El envejecimiento biológico impone una pérdida de las funciones orgánicas que alcanza territorios vastos como el cardiovascular, respiratorio y endocrino, entre otros. El presente webinar mostrará no solo la necesidad de fracturar ciertos paradigmas respecto de qué hacer. También se comunicará lo que al presente tiene evidencia fuerte respecto a lo que debe indicarse desde el ejercicio para rejuvenecer los sistemas y con ello, actuar positivamente sobre la calidad y expectativa de vida.
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Mini-Invasive Treatment Complications

Dr. George Sulamanidze - Dr. Albina Kajaia - Dr. Alberto Diaspro - Dr. Matthieu Beustes-Stefanelli

George Sulamanidze, shares his experiences and expertise in thread lifting methods focusing on complications. He provides an analysis of common mistakes, possible complications and how to solve them.
Albina Kajaia elucidates the complications that derive from dermal fillers including methods of treatment and prevention. Dr. Kajaia covers all types of complications from temporary side effects, to cases that require the intervention of a group of doctors.
Alberto Diaspro focuses on practical advice on the management and prevention of complications that arise from mini-invasive treatment with threads.
Matthieu Beustes-Stefanelli’s presentation addresses an advanced understanding of anatomy to prevent and treat severe complications.
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Profiloplasty: Lines and Contours to Achieve Facial Rejuvenation and Beautification

Prof. Dr. Dario Bertossi - Dr. Thierry Besins

The relationship between forehead, nose, lips, cheeks, and chin has become a hot topic in facial aesthetics. It is imperative to consider when creating a balanced harmony between key facial features for both beautification and rejuvenation. This extensive webinar discusses the effectiveness and side effects of combined treatments and profile stability.
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Beauty Disrupted: A New Perspective

Dr. Anushka Reddy

As part of the medical fraternity, we have been inundated with webinar teaching, zoom meetings, Instagram live sessions as well as Coronavirus diaries, conversations, boosters and so much more. It has been information overload! As we approach the easing of lockdown in many countries, we shall have many questions.
Invited Panelists:
• Dr. Fredrik Berne (Aesthetic & Plastic Surgeon, Sweden)
• Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera (Dermatologist, FL - USA)
• Dr. Kate Goldie (Aesthetic Practitioner, UK)
• Dr. Catherine Stone (Cosmetic Physician, New Zealand)
• Dr. Veruschka Jose Bryant (Maxillo-facial Surgeon, South Africa)
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Taiwan Experience: COVID-19 Management, Reopening & Use of AI

Dr. Gary Toh - Dr. Chao-Chin Wang

Being one of the few places in the world that didn’t go into lockdown, Taiwan has emerged as a success story in the global battle against COVID-19. It has been credited with taking early action and its comprehensive national health insurance system to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as it emerged. However, AI, big data, and infotech do play a role to contain the outbreak.
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How To Get a Stronger Immune System in Times of Infections

Dr. Serge Ginter - Dr. Claude  Dalle

Join this webinar and get some more insight on how immune systems can be boosted. Dr. Ginter presents 'Vitamin D and Immunity in Times of Corona' and Dr. Dalle explains 'How to Enhance Immunity'.
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Thriving in Chaos

Dr. Steven Dayan - Dr. Renato Saltz

Join Dr. Steven Dayan and Dr. Renato Saltz as they host this 10+ Speakers debate on the future of Aesthetic Practices. How COVID-19 has changed us? How the pandemic has affected Aesthetic Practices worldwide? And more...
Invited Panelists:
• Dr. Gianluca Campiglio (Plastic Surgeon, Italy)
• Dr. Sabrina Fabi (Dermatologist, CA - USA)
• Dr. Tingsong Lim (Aesthetics Practitioner, Malaysia)
• Dr. Heidi A. Waldorf (Dermatologist, NY - USA)
• Dr. Lina Triana (Plastic Surgeon, Colombia)
• Dr. Ava Shamban (Dermatologist, CA - USA)
• Dr. Sheila Nazarian (Plastic Surgeon, CA - USA)
• Dr. Paul Nassif (Facial Plastic Surgeon, CA - USA)
• Dr. Tatijana Pavicic (Dermatologist, Germany)
• Dr. Nazim Cerkes (Plastic Surgeon, Turkey)
• Dr. Robert Singer (Plastic Surgeon, CA - USA)
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Aesthetic Practice: How to Pivot and Adapt Following the (COVID-19) Crisis

Dr. Christian Subbio - Dr. Heidi A. Waldorf - Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera

We are one, we are together. As we go through this period of adapting to COVID-19, most aesthetic procedures are identified as “non-essential”. As a medical aesthetics community, we need to be aware that we have to rely on and learn from each other in order to evolve with the times. Three leading faculty members are committed to providing you with their practical advice and helpful tips to leave you re-inspired.
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Marketing Strategies to Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times

Mark Tager, MD - Wendy Lewis

In the midst of uncertainty, there is space to create an opportunity for your practice. In this webinar, Dr. Mark Tager and Wendy Lewis are teaming up to provide you with tools and skills you need to become better noticed, known, and recognized for your great work.
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Periorbital Rejuvenation, Combining Techniques for Different Layers

Dr. Tom Van Eijk - Dr. John Martin

The periorbital area is one of the most popular but also most challenging when it comes to aesthetic interventions. In this webinar two experts on both sides of the Atlantic share their approach, the similarities and differences. The focus is on anatomy, assessment and various techniques. Join us to find out how to safely get the best results.
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The Potential Use of Adipose Stem Cells in COVID-19

Dr. Pietro Gentile - Dr. Aris Sterodimas

A recent study has reported improved respiratory activity after providing the intravenous (i.v) administration of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to patients affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). Gentile and Sterodimas have shared these results by publishing the first article in the world on the potential use of Adipose Stem Cells (ASCs) via i.v and aerosol. This suggests new protocols of application thanks to the anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory activities of ASCs.
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CHISELED: Male Jawline Enhancement

Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera

As the number of procedures in male patients continues to increase throughout practices across the world. The expert Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera presents an engaging and interactive masterclass on how to achieve a natural looking chiseled jawline, balancing the face’s shadows and respecting the natural constitution of each patient.
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Innovations et Expériences dans la Prise en Charge du Cerne

Dr. Philippe Kestemont - Dr. Philippe Berros - Dr. Henry Delmar

Le cerne est une zone délicate à traiter. La demande est importante, les résultats spectaculaires. Mais les effets secondaires et les complications imposent de la prudence. Nous vous proposons d'en délimiter les frontières, les bonnes pratiques et que faire en cas de problème.
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